Sometimes we need to edit our timers and sometimes, we just make a mistake when we create them. Editing your timers is now easier than ever on the web.  To get started select the timer you would like to edit.  

Click edit and begin making the needed changes.  You have the option to change the color of the timer, the project name, the client name, and the task.  You also have the option to change each of those to existing projects, clients and tasks that have been created.  If you don't need to have clients or tasks you can select "no client" "no task."  You must have a project to create a timer.  As you progress through the edits, select "Done" on each screen (you may have to scroll to see the button) to continue to make changes.  Once you have completed your edits, select "Save Changes."  It may take a moment for your edits to appear on the timers screen.  You can also, refresh your page if needed.  

If you are a part of a Hours team you have the option to "Edit Team."  This gives you the choice between a Personal Timer or one associated with your team.  If you have a duplicate timer in both Personal Timers and Team timers, the option you select will be in parentheses behind your project and client name.  This makes selecting a timer for your team or personal use more identifiable.