We all forget to turn timers on or turn timers off once in a while…or should I say all the time?! Hours gives you a few ways to edit time when you make mistakes.

  1. Edit any time block. Click any time block in the timeline to edit it. You will get an editor below the block that lets you (a) manually edit the start and end times of an entry (b) change the start and end times of that block by clicking and dragging the edges of the block itself in the timeline and (c) add or edit the notes.
  2. Assign/edit unassigned blocks. You can go back to any part of the day that is blank on the timeline by clicking in the approximate place where you want to assign time. You will see a list of your active timers, and you can select one to assign that timer to the selected block. You can then edit the timer to your preference by clicking the time block.
  3. Delete a block. You can delete a time block by clicking on the block and clicking on the Delete button that is in its editing block.
  4. Change total time of a timer. You can also always change the total time under any timer for the day by tapping on the colored total time box at the left side of the timer.

These editing techniques work on today's date, as well as on any prior day. To go to a different day, click the day's tab above the timeline of the date you want to view or make changes to.