TimeLord teams supports three user types:
  • Members
  • Leaders
  • Admins

Each user type has unique permissions within teams, giving you the ability to define which members have access to what functionality. Below, we'll break out the differences between each user type to help you better understand how to set up your team.

Members are able to:
  • Track time against team timers, but they cannot change the name of those timers.
  • Run personal reports that let them see their time tracked against team timers, but not anyone else's time.

Leaders are able to do everything above, plus:
  • Add/edit teams
  • Add/edit timers
  • Add/edit members
  • Add/edit bill rates
  • Access company reports that show the time tracked by other members, leaders, and admins

Admins are able to do everything above, plus:
  • Add/edit pay rates
  • Edit company details

Remember, you can always change a user's permission level after they've been added to your team from the member detail screen. If you need more help getting your team set up, contact our support team.